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ASAP Newswire is a non-partisan populist news service that primarily reports on the economy, labor statistics and unemployment. We subscribe to news feeds to gather our news, read economic and academic journals, reports and studies — as well as glean information from various government releases and data from government websites, and also from the personal blogs of many different well-known economists.

Then we offer our opinion and commentary as to the latest economic news. If we were so inclined as to identity ourselves politically, we would be more aligned with workers as opposed to the interests of big businesses or multi-national corporations — meaning, we are NOT the Wall Street Journal. We would sympathize more with the progressive caucus than we would with a Tea Party or Dixiecrat-type of ideology. Meaning:
If any Democrat or Republican politician advocates for a policy or law that is detrimental to American workers, we will call them out!
ASAP Newswire subscribes more to the Keynesian theory of economics, rather than that of Ayn Rand's; but still, we will make every attempt to be remain non-partisan when reporting "news", and will only permit philosophical posts to reflect commentary — and will not purport opinions to be "facts" (unlike many in the "mainstream" news).

Hyperlinks, whenever possible, will link to original sources — so we can not be held responsible for what others report as facts or news; but we will make every effort to fact-check if we deem it necessary, if in what we believe are "wild claims" or are too incredibly difficult to believe (such as something you may read in a tabloid magazine.)

Our credibility is very important to us, so if you see anything that you believe is not factual, or dispute the source, please feel free to leave a comment (anonymous or otherwise) on any post to reflect your opinion.

Would you like to post here?  If you agree with our stated mission, and would like to contribute as a writer, please use the comment form in any post to send use your pitch and a submission to be reposted at this website. If you can, please send us links to any other articles you may have already published. If you wish your name to appear at the bottom of your posts, you must also link it to an already established profile on another website -- OR -- send us your email address (No email addresses will be made publicly available). If you wish to send a formatted version of your article (to also include images, such as those posted at ImageShack), then first send us your email address for a return email with your forrmatted version. If you wish, you may also include any links (in your posts here) to your blog, website, Facebook page and/or Twitter account.

To our readers: If you have any TIPS, please use the comment form in any post. Make sure you begin your comment with the word "TIP" so that our comment moderators will know that your comment was not made for publishing.

Thank you very much,

~ Editor and Manger, ASAP Newswire

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